oUR Capability statement and success stories  

Revenue Recovery Consulting for Physicians, Clinics, Labs, Med Centers and Hospitals  

Serving Veteran Owned Businesses and Small Minority Owned Businesses 



Please take a moment to review our capability statement. I am a certified minority SDVOB and I have setup employee/voluntary benefits plans for small businesses and independent contractors (1099) as a managing agent for 40+ years. Let’s connect today on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/felton3/​ 

In 2020, we added three new high value capabilities to our service portfolio

1.      Insurance Billing, Claim and Revenue Recovery (A/R) services for all physician specialties
2.      Capital Ready Funding for our fellow VOB, SDVOB, and Minority Supplier connections
3.      The Best Medical Cost Sharing and Dental Benefit Plans available for employers and employees

Why partner with www.labreferences.com and www.internationalsba.org? We Will Prove our Value:

  •  Significant business impact with sustainable value: We deliver significant value to our sponsors and stakeholders. Sustainable means we generate tangible cost savings over a multi-year period​
  • Broad and deep initiatives: Broad to us means “several” and deep signals “significant” initiatives within the alliance or partnership that cut across the value chain of both our companies​
  • Strong organization commitment: Our commitment flows down from our CEO down and will be marked by clear ownership at a senior level and by our account alliance and management team
  •  Substantial investment by both companies: Investment can be people, capital, intellectual property, or all three​.  
  • ·Strategic alignment and fit: Our companies’ strategies in the target space must be well aligned ​

I hope you find that our unique servant leadership value prop resonates with your values and your interests.

·        May I schedule a 30 min meet and greet call? Please feel free invite an executive member of your revenue recovery (A/R billing) or you employee benefits team.

Thank you for your time reviewing our capability statement. ​The best to you, each and every day.


Felton E. Lewis III

fel 3 | founder, President/CEO | e: fel3@labreferences.com | M: 269.209.1217| O: 877-445-6151