Our Client Strategy

Always serve and identify business value, risk, and cost saving opportunities 


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Diversity and Inclusion 

We tailor our benefit plans around the Goals of your Diversity and Inclusion Program(s)

Lets Meet and Prove out the Value.

You have needs. We have Capabilities.

Pragmatic Solutions

We provide exceptional Revenue Recovery Services that "WOW" our clients 

Forward Thinking

Our leadership team focuses on innovation and proving out the value

Our Product, Advisory and Consulting Service Portfolio includes: 

  • Capital Ready Package | Guaranteed Access to $100,000+ in Small Business Funding
  • Revenue Recovery (Accounts Receivable) Services | For Clinics, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Labs and Physicians of all specialties
  • Voluntary Benefits | Dental, Health, Life, Disability, Vision, Legal Protection
  • Dental Plan Spend Audit | Employee Benefit Cost Reduction Experts 
  • Group and Individual Dental Programs for Independent Contractors, Ride Share Drivers, Small Businesses, Associations, and Corporations
  • Personalized Dental Education, Plan Registration, Enrollment, and Onboarding for Employees, Members, and Independent Contractors